Solving Insurmountable Problems

What happens when a huge problem confronts you? Many times the initial reactions are ones of denial, panic, and desperation. These are like quicksand, sucking you even further into hopelessness. Your need a game plan, something to get you to see beyond the limitations.

Allow yourself only a brief period to feel sorry for yourself. Stop as soon as possible and become quiet. Realize this probably isn’t your first crisis, and you’ve survived. Grab hold of the idea that for every problem, there is an answer. Right now, the newness and fear are obscuring the direction in which you need to proceed.

With logical self-talk, it is time to reveal the best approach. If you are relaxed, it is easier to break the crisis into manageable parts. For instance, if confronted with a medical diagnosis, panic will prevent you from understanding the disease and the possible treatments. Take deep breaths and let yourself accept all available information. If you are in a discussion about it, focus on possible solutions and not worst-case scenarios. Why? Worse-case scenarios are quicksand, possible answers are lifelines. Fill your mind with success stories to keep negative thoughts at bay.

If you have a religion or spiritual base, focus on your connection with God, Spirit, the Universe, a higher power, or whatever gives your life essence. Know that your body has the capacity to heal itself. Your mind has the power to allow what is for your highest good. When you place yourself in the presence of life you can TRUST. Trust that you are being guided. This opes your mind and heart to unseen possibilities and you gain the courage to continue.

This is not being naive or showing religious zeal. It is turning on a light in what was a completely dark room. It is the provider of hope, conviction, and the courage to propel you past stagnation and climb the ladder to overcoming.

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